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Single Origin Single Origin Arabica Gourmet Coffees

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Arabica specialty coffee exhibits a rich complexity and range of characteristics such as taste, intensity, balance, and body; and varies with each growing region's soil, climate, and altitude. We convection roast™ to order only the top grade, hand picked Arabica coffee beans (specialty coffee) from the premier growing regions of South America, Central America, Mexico, East Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica and Hawaii. Enjoy the wonderful variety of these gourmet coffees. 

South America

View of a coffee growing region in Colombia
South American Arabica specialty coffees are known for their excellent balance, intense aroma, bright rich taste with nutty hints, medium body, and clean finish. We offer four gourmet coffees that embody these characteristics; two are the intensely rich, fuller bodied Colombian Supremo coffee and the Organic Colombian Supremo coffee; the richly satisfying, milder Brazilian Santos Bourbon coffee; and the well balanced, delicious Peruvian Organic coffee (Shade Grown, Fairly Traded). Enjoy them all.


Central America and Mexico

Highlands of Guatemala
Central AmericaThe highest quality Arabica coffee beans grow in the higher elevations and are known for their rich aroma, depth of flavor, and full but not heavy body for true gourmet coffee enjoyment. We convection roast™ to order only these premier Strictly Hard Bean/High Grown specialty coffees. Select your favorites from the hearty, rich Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee; the rich, ‘spicy’ Guatemalan Antigua coffee; the aromatic, milder Salvador High Grown Organic coffee; and the complex, flavorful Panama Boquete coffee. Each is uniquely satisfying. Mexican coffee farmers also grow top quality Arabica coffee in the central highlands where we get the well balanced, aromatic, rich, smooth Mexican Altura Superior; enjoyable on any occasion. 

Jamaica and Hawaii (Certified)

View of mist covered Blue Mountain, Jamaica

Jamaica and Hawaii: These two certified specialty coffees are rare and limited. Both have a fragrant aroma, a richly complex flavor, and a smooth body. Select the rare, complex, full bodied Jamaican Genuine Blue Mountain Coffee, 'Certified'; as well as the rare, intriguing; medium-full bodied Kona Extra Fancy Coffee, 'Certified' for those special occasions or for a distinctive gift.


East Africa

View of Aberkaruru Falls, Kenya

East African Arabica specialty coffees are known for deep rich flavor and aroma with citrus and floral hints, a tangy, lively acidity on the tongue, and a fuller body that finishes like a fine red wine. Select from these top quality gourmet coffees; the Ethiopian Longberry Harrar coffee, the Kenya Fancy AA coffee, and the Tanzania Peaberry North Highlands coffee. Alternatively, why not try them all?


Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Map of Indonesian archipelago; main islands from left: Sumatra, then Java, Sulawesi, New Guinea on right
Indonesia and Papua New Guinea: Arabica specialty coffees from these island nations are known for having rich aroma and flavor with earthy and spicy characteristics, plus a full body that lingers. We offer four exceptional gourmet coffees for the discriminating palate: the rich, full Sumatra Mandheling Grade #1 coffee; the elegant, classic Java Estate coffee; the exquisite Celebes Kalossi Toraja coffee; and the exceptional Papua New Guinea AA Estate coffee. Be sure to savor them all.


Organic Arabica Specialty Coffees

Colombian coffee farmer sorting coffee

Organic Coffee: Most of our Arabica specialty coffee selections are grown on small farms using traditional methods in harmony with the environment. The growers of these organic coffee varietals use organic methods exclusively and are certified as such in their country of origin. You will notice a difference when you savor the clean, rich flavor of these excellent organic gourmet coffees. Select your favorites today and start enjoying genuine roast-to-order freshness in your organic coffee beverage.



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