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Our Gourmet Coffee features only hand picked, 100 per cent Arabica specialty coffee from the world's premier coffee growing regions. Of the two main species of the coffee plant, Arabica is far less bitter and more flavorful than Robusto. True gourmet coffee uses the best grades of Arabica coffee beans, those designated as specialty coffee.

We master roast to order each top choice, premium quality coffee with the patented convection roasting™ process*. Doing so provides our customers with gourmet coffee roasted evenly to the perfect level for rich aroma and mouth watering taste, never scorched or burned. Select from the collection of rich single origin varietals, including rare Blue Mountain and Kona coffees, unsurpassed private coffee blends, a choice of espressos, great tasting decaffeinated varietals and blends, and a complete line of flavored gourmet coffee (regular or decaf). After you order, we roast your coffee and priority ship it the same day so you get the freshest roasted gourmet coffee possible. So look through this collection of fine coffees, select the ones you want, and soon you will be enjoying your own gourmet coffee paradise. It is so delicious, you will call it your own.

Single Origin Coffees

Single Origin Arabica bean specialty coffees exhibit a rich complexity and range of characteristics such as taste, intensity, balance, and body. Each gourmet coffee varies with the growing region's soil, climate, and altitude. We master roast only the top grade Arabica coffee beans (specialty coffee) from the premier growing regions of South America, and Central America plus Mexico, as well as East Africa, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, plus Jamaica and Hawaii. Enjoy the wonderful variety of these gourmet coffees.  


Private Coffee Blends

The Private Coffee Blends from Our Gourmet Coffee combine only top quality Arabica beans from the world's premier coffee growing regions.  These specialty coffee blends complement each varietal's characteristics and enhance the enjoyment of gourmet coffee. Some feature a "rich" proportion of featured specialty coffee varietals (Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend, Moka-Java Blend, the Brazil Blend, and the Kona Blend), others are a style of roast (the Viennese Blend and the French Roast Blend); while some are world class coffee blends to enjoy anytime (the Custom House Blend and The Breakfast Blend). We convection roast™ to order each unique coffee blend to the "just right" level to make a rich gourmet coffee for you to savor. They surpass those you find at the local coffee house.

Espresso Coffees

These Espresso coffees use only choice blends of Arabica bean specialty coffee. We convection roast™ them fresh to the "just right" degree for you to enjoy your favorite espresso coffee beverage anytime. Whether you prefer the authentic classic Italian Espresso, or the robust full bodied Spanish Espresso, or the less intense Vienna Roast Espresso, you can find what you are looking for right here. We even have a classic Italian Decaffeinated Espresso, so start enjoying gourmet espresso coffee right away.

Decaffeinated Coffees

The Decaffeinated Coffees are 100% Arabica bean specialty coffee.  Enjoy Single Origin varietals from around the coffee growing world as well as the most popular Private Blends, plus the classic Espresso Roast.  All these specialty coffees are decaffeinated with the European water process, so you get all the great, rich taste of our gourmet coffee without the caffeine.  Every flavored coffee has a decaffeinated option. So choose your decaf coffee favorites today, convection roasted™ to order fresh for you.  

Flavored Coffees

Think of Flavored Coffee as your favorite dessert or sweet treat without the calories! That's the best description for these flavored Arabica gourmet coffees. You simply choose from among these 69 flavors that you love (or would love to try). Then we convection roast™, flavor, and ship your selection to you. Whether you prefer chocolates, or desserts, or fruits and creams, or even liqueurs, or nuts and crunches or all the above; you will find the ones you love. Enjoy!

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* Convection roastingTM is a patented and trademarked coffee roasting process owned exclusively by Specialty Coffee Roasters and is labeled Shalina Gourmet Coffee®. Our Gourmet Coffee is proud to market Shalina Gourmet Coffee®. It is the only one we carry to insure our customers get the freshest roasted, finest quality gourmet coffee anywhere.
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