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Flavored Coffee Flavored 100% Arabica Gourmet Coffees

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Your favorite dessert or sweet treat without the calories! That's the best description for these freshly roasted to order gourmet flavored coffees. Drinking coffee with added flavors dates back to coffee's origins when people of Yemen often added spices to the coffee they brewed. Modern processing methods and flavoring science allow the flavored coffee lover to get a consistent cup of their favorite flavor every time, from classic hazelnut coffee, to vanilla coffee, to amaretto coffee, or any other favorite. provides the perfect blend of top choice Arabica specialty coffee beans to bring out the richness of both the coffee and the flavor you select, whether regular or decaf flavored coffee. You simply choose the ones you love or want to try from among these 69 flavors (that's right, sixty-nine). Then, we convection roast*, flavor, and ship your selection to you. Whether you prefer chocolate flavored coffees, or dessert and spice flavored coffees, or fruit and cream flavored coffees, or liqueur flavored coffees, or nut and crunch flavored coffees; you will find the flavors you enjoy! If your favorite flavor is not here, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it. Please be sure to specify whole bean or ground, as well as regular or decaffeinated for each one you choose, and we will get your freshly roasted, richly flavored gourmet coffee to you right away.

Gourmet Flavored Coffees

Chocolate CoffeeChocolate CoffeeEveryone loves chocolate! Sometimes you want the rich taste of coffee at the same time. Now you can choose your favorite chocolate flavor(s) as part of your coffee from So go ahead and select from our offering of rich chocolate flavors combined with exquisitely blended specialty coffee that is roasted fresh after you order, then flavored, packed and shipped direct to you!
Dessert and Spice CoffeeDessert and Spice CoffeeAfter dinner coffee and dessert make a meal complete, and combining spices with coffee dates back to the earliest days of drinking coffee. But how do you avoid the added calories from having dessert? Start enjoying your favorite dessert or spice flavor in a cup of perfectly blended select gourmet coffee from Our Gourmet Coffee, without the calories (or guilt) in regular or decaf.
Fruit and Cream CoffeeFruit and Cream CoffeeFresh, natural, and refreshing describes the taste of delicious fruit or cream, or a combination of both. Here you are sure to find your favorite refreshing flavor among this selection of bananas, berries, cherries, oranges, peaches, creams, and crèmes, or many combinations of these. So make your selection and start enjoying your fresh roasted and flavored gourmet coffee right away, either regular or decaf.
Liqueur CoffeeLiqueur CoffeePeople have enjoyed drinking coffee accompanied by liqueurs or distilled spirits since the early days of coffee's popularity in European coffee houses. Savor your favorites from these rich classic tastes: Amaretto Royale, Butter Rum, Egg Nog, Irish Cream, and White Russian combined with our fresh roasted blend of top choice, specialty gourmet coffee beans. So enjoy these classic liqueur flavored coffees anytime (without the alcohol, of course) in regular or decaf.
Nut and Crunch CoffeeNut and Crunch CoffeeNuts, grains, coffee and chocolate are tasty and healthy products we get from nature. Coffee lovers have enjoyed the flavor of nuts with their coffee since they first had coffee and hazelnuts (filberts) together. Our Gourmet Coffee combines the just-right blend of fresh roasted specialty gourmet coffee beans with your favorite nutty flavor in either regular or decaf. Choose yours from this complete selection of almond, chestnut, hazelnut, macadamia, and pecan. Why are you waiting?

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* Convection roastingTM is a patented and trademarked coffee roasting process owned exclusively by Specialty Coffee Roasters and is labeled Shalina Gourmet Coffee®. Our Gourmet Coffee is proud to market Shalina Gourmet Coffee®. It is the only one we carry to insure our customers get the freshest roasted, finest quality gourmet coffee anywhere.
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