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The Gourmet Coffee Guy

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Our Gourmet Coffee and are owned and operated by people who enjoy great coffee. We enjoy sharing top quality specialty coffee with family, friends, and associates almost as much as we love to drink it ourselves. One of us even grew up in the coffee growing country of Colombia and is very familiar with the process of producing gourmet quality coffee. (We tease her about being personally acquainted with "Juan Valdez".) We have had the opportunity to visit coffee growing regions and we enjoyed drinking freshly roasted specialty coffee in its land of origin. Very quickly, we began to appreciate the difference between this coffee and what is readily available on the store shelf here in the USA. It is from this love for delicious, top quality coffee that we launched Our Gourmet Coffee.

We determined from the start to do things in a genuine quality way for each step of bringing top grade gourmet coffee to you. First, we had to have a wide selection of the top grade specialty coffee varietals from the premier growing regions around the world. Then we had to have these specialty coffees master roasted with the best process available to realize each coffee's characteristics such as acidity, aroma, taste (flavor), and body (the convection roasting process). Next, we had to be able to offer a variety of types of gourmet coffee from single origin to private coffee blends to espresso and decaf, plus a wide variety of flavored coffee.

Of course it had to be roasted to order and priority shipped for maximum freshness within a business day or two of receiving your order. Not least, we determined to make it easy for you, the customer, to do business with us. That is why we package the freshly roasted gourmet coffee in one (1) pound bags and price it so you can brew your own for about twenty-five cents per cup (that's $0.25), without having to join a "club" or sign up for automatic shipment. That's also why we offer the money back guarantee, so you can have full confidence you will be satisfied with your purchase from Plus, it is easy to order online 24/7 over a secure network connection with strict, stringent privacy policies in force.

Our goal is your satisfaction with each and every gourmet coffee you purchase from us. Whether you wish to receive your choice of gourmet coffees on a regular basis or just purchase it from time to time, we will be here to provide you with your choice of the highest quality coffee you can find. Once you enjoy having the freshly brewed gourmet coffee or your choice, you may never again settle for waiting in line to pay $2.00 for a cup of the "premium" coffee house's choice of the day, especially on the way to work. So, select the gourmet coffees you like, and see for yourself why at Our Gourmet Coffee we say, "Once tasted, always remembered."™ We look forward to becoming acquainted with you!

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* Convection roastingTM is a patented and trademarked coffee roasting process owned exclusively by Specialty Coffee Roasters and is labeled Shalina Gourmet Coffee®. Our Gourmet Coffee is proud to market Shalina Gourmet Coffee®. It is the only one we carry to insure our customers get the freshest roasted, finest quality gourmet coffee anywhere.
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